Yoga Workout: Crane Pose Stability Workout


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As you build your yoga practice, your progress goes well beyond your physical strength. Tapping into your mental strength will allow you to push your limits in a healthy way and challenge yourself to grow. Balancing poses like bakasana (crane pose) naturally expand the breadth of your practice and build trust and confidence in yourself both on and off the mat.

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The instructor takes you through various strength drills that isolate the muscles you will use in the full baksana (crane pose). Start with a series of engaged plank poses to build a steady and strong foundation. Then engage your abs with a boat pose progression. Once you fire up your muscles, the instructor talks you through bakasana A and B, first with a longer crane pose hold and then jumping into the pose from more challenging distances. Grab a mat, start on your hands and knees, and get ready to take flight.

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