Turkey Trot: A 3-Week 5K Training Plan


Let’s be real: You can tell us how many calories are in a “typical Thanksgiving day dinner” a million times, but that’s not going to prevent us from getting seconds of mom’s stuffing. It’s just not. Thanksgiving should be a time for gratitude, family, and of course, food—but not deprivation. So we’re not even going to try to convince you otherwise.

Earn the Feast
Instead, we want to encourage you to Earn the Feast by getting in some exercise before the main event. Which is why we’ve teamed up with MoveWith, an audio training app that offers fitness workouts from top coaches, to tell you exactly what to do (and give you extra motivation along the way!). Here’s the deal:

  • First, sign up for a 5K Turkey Trot or Thanksgiving Day run in your area. (Click here to search).
  • Then follow along with this beginner-friendly, 3.5-week training plan below, which includes one bodyweight strength session per week.
  • For extra motivation during every workout, head to movewith.com/earnthefeast to access the exclusive audio-guided workouts led by top trainers and instructors. (Did we mention the killer playlists?) Plus, you’ll get access to 30 free days of MoveWith to explore other trainers and workouts.
  • Recruit the whole family! This plan is beginner-friendly but intended for casual and intermediate runners. It’s not a couch-to-5K plan, but if Auntie Joan hasn’t worked out since last century, encourage her to walk the workouts. The Thanksgiving Day run will be way more fun with family and friends.
  • No official Turkey Trot near you? No problem! You can still run the race with us virtually and enjoy a motivating playlist. Just press play on “Race Day Companion” in the MoveWith app.
  • Go HAM on turkey. No regrets.

Ready? Set. GO!

Your MoveWith Training Plan With Audio Classes

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