This Pakistani Blockchain Company Helps International Companies Conduct ICOs


Blockchain is the latest emerging technology that is predicted to engulf almost every business domain and use case in the near future. It has the capability to revolutionize the banks, businesses, governments and basically any organization. Businesses and countries all over the world are shifting to this technology to make record keeping and processes secure and easy.

Countries like India and Switzerland are striving to keep up with this technology by shifting their banks and other organizations to blockchain. Dubai has also taken the lead a few months back by announcing that they will replace almost every sector with blockchain technology by 2020 owing to security, transparency and reliability.

Blockchain is thus undoubtedly an ingenious invention that can change the course of future automation. With its hype taking over the world it is certainly the most discussed and used new technologies.

Blockchain in Pakistan

The awareness of the blockchain in Pakistan is comparatively low as compared to other developed countries. Blockchain Expert Solutions – a Lahore based startup that has gathered the attention of many national and multinational companies in just a few months, is hoping to pave the way forward for the adoption of blockchain-based solutions in the country.

With its sole purpose of solving blockchain related issues and completing blockchain related projects either it be ĐApps, Initial Coin Offerings, smart contracts, wallet development or any blockchain related research, Blockchain Expert Solutions already has a number of successful projects under its belt.

About Blockchain Expert Solutions

Powered by Miranz Technologies, Blockchain Expert Solutions is completely dedicated to blockchain-related services. The company offers services for blockchain custom software, ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings), whitepaper, blockchain research, financial modelling, business analysis, token design, wallet development, smart contacts and more for both international and local clients..

The company is detail-oriented when it comes to helping firms grow in as little time as possible. Analyzing the loopholes in the current information technology industry, Blockchain Expert Solutions’ founders decided to come up with something that offered much more with minimum performance issues.

The company has also partnered with the globally recognized pioneer of blockchain technology – ”IBC Group” – International Blockchain Consulting. IBC is the world’s leading team in the domain of blockchain working from the past few years and offering similar services.

Apart from the IBC Group, Blockchain Expert Solutions has also partnered with Bazingo Inc, another successful venture in the blockchain sector.

The company shares the same vision held by these international organizations. This has also helped the company grow in just a matter of months.

The company has already recruited 60 employees in last 5 months and is still looking forward to increase the workforce. It is also currently working on a mega ICO project that will be disclosed soon.

The company has a long list of successful projects and clients to be proud of. It has successfully served clients from US, UK, Dubai, Vietnam, Switzerland, and many other countries. Other than these successful projects the company is fully motivated to provide fintech solutions and to convert banks to the blockchain. It is already having talks for another mega project with a bank in Kuwait and will hopefully launch a huge project in the coming months.


The rapidly growing company is being headed by four founding members. Its CEO and co-founders have been working in Pakistani IT industry for more than 10 years. They noticed a lot of loopholes and performance issues in the traditional ways software companies are being operated.

This was a major reason why Blockchain got their attention. They decided to start their own company. They began with Miranz Technologies and later on Blockchain Expert Solutions.

The company aims to create a hub to connect all the blockchain related services and wants to attract foreign firms and clients to Pakistan.

BES wants to be part of the solution where Pakistan is no more less than the developed countries in the tech race. It is also playing its part to make Pakistan’s economy strong and create more job opportunities.

Services Offered by Blockchain Expert Solutions

Blockchain Expert Solutions offers following services:

  • Blockchain custom software
  • Decentralized application
  • Blockchain use case identification
  • Initial Coin Offerings
    • Smart contracts
    • Business modelling
    • Token design
    • Financial modelling
    • Logo Design
    • Coin/Token Design
    • ICO landing page
    • ICO video
    • Wallet development
    • Team evaluation
  • Detailed business analysis
  • Complete business solution from just an idea
  • Blockchain related research

The company is a technology platform and isn’t involved in selling or purchasing of bitcoin.

With the world moving towards fast and efficient blockchain systems, startups like Blockchain Expert Solutions are a great step towards a more connected future and a technological Pakistan.

For more details, check out their Facebook page here.

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