This Airport Vehicle Just Killed Serene Air’s Brand New $80 Million Aircraft


Pakistan’s newest airline, Serene Air, which launched with much hype and fanfare has hit a bit of a wall. Or in this particular case, an errant airport vehicle.

As you can see from the images below, the company’s brand new Boeing Jet B737-800 was rammed by an airport vehicle in an accident, putting it out of commission. Initial reports suggest that the vehicle was operated by the Islamabad Ground Crew (Royal Airport Services).

It is still too soon to assess the true extent of the damage or whether it’s just cosmetic (easier to repair) or serious (mechanical damage).

Just to impress upon you the scale of this mess up, the jet costs upwards of $80 million and made its maiden flight roughly one week ago. People have appreciated Serene Air’s services and quality so we really hope that the damage isn’t too severe.

Here are some images of the plane and the freak accident.




We have reached out to Serene Air and will be updating the story with more details as they come in.

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