The Day Mawra Turned into A Meme, Pakistani Celebs (D)


I, like, God do not play with a dice and do not believe in coincidences but one such coincidence took place when Mahira-Ranbir controversy shared its timeline with Madam Noor Jehan’s 91st birthday and Mawra Hocane decided to celebrate it in her rather Mawra-ish way.

Noor Jehan’s 91st birthday

Here’s what Mawra tweeted that day.

Noor Jehan’s 91st birthday

So far so good, right? Wrong. Things were puffed out of quantity when Indian media linked this image of Mawra paying tribute to a famous into a “Mahira-Ranbir reaction” article.

Whatever the truth of the matter might be but it was a good twitter day also becoming a meme is some thoughtful areas material.

The Day Mawra Turned into A Meme

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