SCO Can be Allowed to Start Cellular Services in Pakistan: Law Ministry


Fate of Special Communication Organization’s operations in Pakistan is likely to be decided in a Senate Sub-Committee meeting that is planned for tomorrow, we have confirmed with sources.

According to details available with ProPakistani, Special Communication Organization, also known as SCO, is hoping to get cellular licenses and the operations for all regions of Pakistan.

SCO currently has cellular operations in AJK and GB and is set to get 3G and 4G licenses for AJK and GB as soon as PTA is ready to auction the spectrum for northern areas.

Besides its operations in AJK and GB, SCO wanted to step into rest of Pakistan and is hoping to get a nod from the federal government to start cellular services in entire Pakistan.

SCO, for the purpose, had its meetings with Prime Minister of Pakistan and other relevant authorities after which the matter was sent to a Senate’s Standing Committee for further deliberation.

Senate’s Standing Committee, in order to take a definitive decision, had sought Ministry of Law’s opinion to see if it would be legal to enhance SCO’s license for operating in Pakistan or not.

If sources are to be believed then Law Ministry has done its home work on the issue and it thinks that SCO can be allowed by the government to operate cellular network in Pakistan.

This essentially means that as per Telecom Act of Pakistan, there’s no legal binding to restrict SCO in AJK and GB only.

Ministry of Law and Justice is likely to share its findings with Senate’s Committee tomorrow.

On the other side, as one may imagine, cellular companies are not happy about the situation. They have recorded their utmost protest with Ministry of IT that will also be available in tomorrow’s meeting.

Telecom operators have clearly communicated that they can go to any level if decision is taken in SCO’s favor.

Committee, after hearing the opinion from all stakeholders, will send its recommendations for any legislation changes, if required.

If allowed, Special Communication Organization will be allowed to setup its cellular operations in Pakistan to take the count of total number of cellular operators in the country to five again.

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