Police Officer in KP Spotted Clearing a Muddy Street


The spirit of working for people is still alive and thriving in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Police. From deadly terrorist attacks to encounter with street criminals, KPK Police had its fair share of dark days.

However, things have improved drastically since the current government took over.

A police officer is winning hearts in KPK for his act of responsibility and taking care of the citizens.

One side of a road was partially blocked due to water and mud. Instead of waiting for sweepers to come and clean the road, the police officer took it upon himself to take care of the problem.

The officer took off his shoes, took a shovel and started clearing the road for commuters to pass. Here are the officer’s photos performing duties out of his area of work;


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Not Just Police

It’s not just the Police, once considered an ignored  province of Pakistan, several KPK departments have made remarkable improvements in the past 4 years. Government-run schools in KPK saw an increased interest from the public as compared to the private ones. 2000 students in Swabi alone made the switch from private schools to those run by government.

The increased attraction was all due to the construction of 26 state-of-the-art science labs, 15 exam centers, playgrounds and 23 computer labs across 72 institutions in Swabi.

Government run hospitals is another area where KPK government has excelled in past four years. Modern facilities, and top-notch services have made KPK hospitals first choice of patients. Here is a glimpse of what PTI government has done in hospitals.


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Apart from institutions, KPK did something extraordinary for the environment too. KPK government took the initiative of planting and preserving one billion trees in the province and successfully completed it last year. This feat has not been accomplished by any country before. Take a look;

There are still some improvements required in the province, however considering the situation of province in 2013, current government has surely done things that are truly appreciable.

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