Most Common Questions Asked By Employer

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Most Common Questions Asked By Employer

Looking for a job in UAE through online searching?  You can look into the job portal of Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and explore the various career opportunities, potential employers and even match your qualifications on the job posted. Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is an employment website portal with direct connection to thousands of different employers of various industries from small to large businesses in the United Arab Emirates. This job portal brought job-seekers and prospective employers together in the career services in various fields such as Sales and Marketing, Receptionist, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Architecture, IT, Construction, Medical and Healthcare, Clerical, Secretarial, Administration, Management and a lot of job openings. Jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah made a vital part for many candidates of various field whether blue collar and white collar job positions seeking for a career opportunities in UAE.


An effective and impressive Resume has the great chances to be noticed by the employer and be shortlisted for an interview.  Remember, that your Resume is the key to the first step of job searching – the interview.  If in a lot of cases you have not been shortlisted and get a call for an interview, maybe you need to update your Resume by seeking assistance of Resume Writing Help with expertise in making high quality Resume for various field, skilled and semi-skilled professionals.  Resume Writing Help creates a well-written and formatted Resume and customised it to suits your needs and get quality result.  They give highlights on your qualifications, skills and working experiences to grab the attention of the potential employer or recruiter.


In job-interviews, your task is actually to get the interest and persuade HR manager, recruiters or interviewer that you are the right candidate to fill in the vacant position because of your excellent skills, knowledge and working experiences for the said job.  An interview is a two-way route of communication between the applicant and employer or recruiter.  The interview portion will decide whether you will be shortlisted for the next step or get hired.  So, How to Prepare for Interview?  It is not necessary to memorize your answers to possible questions thrown by the HR managers or interviewer, but you need to take extra time to think about how you will respond to the interviewer.  You are more confident if you are well-prepared for the interview. The following points to consider on How to Prepare for Interview:

  • Have time to research on the company you want to apply.
  • Match your qualifications, skills and abilities to the requisite or needs for the vacant job.
  • Prepare and practice on how you will respond to the questions of the interviewer in your best possible means and ways.
  • Plan what you need to wear. It should look simple, neat, descent, and professional. Neutral colour is more likely the best to impress the interviewer.
  • Know what needs to be brought. Such as extra copies of your Resume or CV, black pen, additional information needed to complete the application, portfolio whenever necessary.
  • Be mindful on your non-verbal communication like smile, body language, behaviour.

HR Managers or interviewers will most likely ask questions about you to get an idea into your personality, and to determine and decide whether you are suited and qualified for the job and the company as well. Some Job Interview Tips are stated below:

  1. Manage to conduct a research of the company, employer and also the job opportunity.
  2. Try to review some possible questions on the interview and practice how to deal with it and respond to the questions. Would help if you prepare some list on the common and possible questions that is being asked on the interview.
  3. Dress appropriately. Don’t get overdressed. Professional look will be much better.
  4. Never be late for the interview. Arrive on time or earlier than the usual call time to make you relax and prepare for the interview.
  5. Make great impression. Be confident, focus and prepared.
  6. Sell yourself through your verbal and non-verbal communication. Poor body language can be a win or break for application.

Aim for the best!

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