List of Courses in Zayed University, Dubai

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The list of courses in Zayed University, Dubai is truly an exhaustive list. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. Both of these programs are highly coveted and sought after by the students which is evident in the seat being filled as soon as the Zayed University Admissions undertaking opens.

Some of the undergraduate courses offered are as below:

  • S. in Business Sciences
  • S. in Communication and Media Sciences
  • S.Ed. in Education
  • S. in Technology & Education
  • A in International Studies
  • A in Emirati Studies
  • S. in Environmental Science and Sustainability
  • S. in Public Health and Nutrition
  • S. in Psychology and Human Services
  • S. in Information Technology (Security & Network Tech)
  • S. in Information Systems and Technology Management
  • S. in Information Technology (Enterprise Computing)
  • S. in Multimedia Design
  • Advising & Academic Dev’t
  • Languages
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Colloquy Unit

Now that you have an idea about the undergraduate programs, let’s move onto the graduate programs:

  • Executive Masters in Business Administration
  • Master of Management (M.M.) in International Business
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Finance
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Communications Concentration in Strategic Public Relations
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Communications Concentration in Tourism and Cultural Communication
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Diplomacy and International Studies
  • Master of Arts (M.A.) in Judicial Studies
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Master of Education in Special Education
  • Master of Education in Teaching and Learning
  • Master of Science (M.S.) in Information Technology Concentration in Cyber Security

Among all these courses, however, the most requested and the most taken course is the MBA. Seems like everyone wants to do an MBA in Zayed University, Dubai and for good reason. The many facets of the MBA that Zayed University provides that prepares the student to tackle the many challenges of corporate life has become quite legendary in the professional circles of the UAE industry.

Not only that, the many engineering programs that Zayed University Dubai offers also equips the students with the necessary knowledge and skill sets to make it big into the advancing technological landscape of Dubai, UAE with their innovative ideas and thoughts. Zayed University courses are truly all rounded and offer the most competitive learning experience that’s essential in the individuals’ personal development.

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