Interesting And Unknown Facts About Mawra Hocane (d)


No doubt that with the passage of time, Mawra Hocane has surely made herself turn out to be one of the well established and top known actresses of the entertainment world. After making a huge name in Pakistan television world, now she has made herself one of the renowned names of Bollywood too, by making an appearance in the Bollywood debut with Sanam Teri Kasam. She has the lifestyle of the inspiring actresses which each single actress would wish around to have. Let’s have a sneak peak into the unknown facts of actress Mawra Hocane!

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Mawra Hocane

  • She got the very first cheque at the age of 13 which was about Rs.8000 and she did alot of shopping from it.
  • In her handbag she do always make sure that she has kept the phone as well as bag and perfume too.
  • She is not at all fond of cooking but she has learnt much about the cooking because of her mother. She can cook Biryani very well.
  • She is a complete cry baby and cry out on almost all the emotional situations very easily.
  • She love her sister alot and take her as one of her favorite persons of the life. She mentions her to be the best part of her life.
  • According to her there are 3 smartest people around us namely Christiano Ronaldo and then there is Ranbir Kapoor and finally the Harsh whom she call as my smartest hero.
  • If she would get a chance to read the mind of someone, then she would love to read the mind of Harsh. Both of them shared the screen space together in film, Sanam Teri Kasam.
  • A chocolate fudge cake is one of her biggest indulgence. She can eat it the whole day.
  • She is fearless from each single thing in the world which she cannot face.
  • She has the wish around to win almost all the best debut awards.
  • Calling out herself to be the Princess is her favourite compliment
  • She loves to watch Big Boss all the time.
  • Agar Tum Saath Ho is her current favourite song.

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