Honda Launches the CB 150F Motorcycle in Pakistan


At an event held at Emporium Mall, Lahore, Atlas Honda revealed its latest 150cc motorcycle, the Honda CB 150F.

The CB 150F combines a sleek design, numerous security features and more for those who are looking for a bike that balances performance and looks.

The Honda CB 150F motorbike is available from today and will cost around Rs. 159,000.

New features in the CB 150F include:

  • Turbo Engine Technology
  • High-Performance Self Start System
  • 5-speed constant mesh, noncyclic transmission
  • Maintenance-free powerful backup battery
  • Die casted Z Section Spokes alloy rims

There are a number of security features included in the bike as well:

  • Magnetic ignition protection (ensures that only the original key works)
  • Front disc brake
  • Car type speedometer visibility
  • Strong tail protection
  • Protective chain guide system

Here’s a list of specifications for the CB 150F:

At the event, General Manager of Plants at Atlas Honda, Afaq Ahmed said that after Honda’s recent plant expansion, the company’s factory can churn out 1.35 million units annually. Previously, the company could only produce 920,640 units annually.

Mr. Ahmed also added,

Atlas Honda has always pioneered the efforts to bring technology and employment to the country as a part of Atlas Group’s philosophy. Our claim is amply supported with localization of complex components like clutch, CDI unit, Regulator Rectifier, Ignition coil and many others.

Continuing the tradition we have started project for localization of carburetor assembly as well. Within a year’s time Insha Allah we are hopeful to achieve the goal. Our aim is to bring top notch technology to the country with a resolve to pass on its benefit finally to Pakistani customer.

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