Govt’s Official Youtube Channel Suspended for Copying a Local Video Blogger


Pakistan government is in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Official YouTube channel of Pakistan government has been suspended after a user claimed copyrights for one of the videos that the channel uploaded.

The Content that was Reported

Pakistan government’s YouTube channel used a clip from one of the vlogs of Irfan Junejo in their “Family friendly activities in Pakistan video”. Irfan is pretty famous among Pakistani audience for his travel videos and the clip that government’s channel used was from one of his videos of Naran.

Upon watching the video, Irfan noticed that it was from his content. He sent out a tweet mentioning government’s twitter handle and saying that it is not good to use someone’s work without their permission. Here is his tweet.

Irfan says that government didn’t ask for his permission before using his video. It is the same reason why he reported Pakistani government’s YouTube channel;

The video in question got 400 views before it was taken down.

Focal Person Social Media Cell Government of Pakistan Zaigham Abbas says that credits were mentioned in the video.

We gave him video credits in the description of the video and we are promoting the work of local photographers and videographers.

However, Irfan says that giving credits doesn’t mean anyone can use others’ content without their permission. Irfan says that he would have made a better video for the government, had they asked him before using his content. He further said that;

Irfan Junejo has over 80,000 subscribers on YouTube and his videos get 50,000 views on average.

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