Famous Clothing Store Caught Recording Ladies Changing Rooms


This Thursday, police registered a case against a well-known clothing brand’s outlet for allegedly installing hidden camcorders inside women’s changing rooms. The store in question, it is learnt, is situated at ChenOne Road in Faisalabad.

Police have already made arrests with two people apprehended as suspects.

These hidden cams were discovered by a law student, Noman Zaffar, who visited the store along with his sister. Noman’s sister went to the changing room and found cameras concealed in several locations within the room.

To gather evidence, the customers recorded footage of the hidden video cameras and their location via their cell phones. Unsurprisingly, the staff at that outlet – after discovering that their gig was up – tried to confiscate their cell phones to get rid of the evidence.

Shockingly, as per the customer’s accounts, the staff even threatened to post their changing room videos over on social media.

As Noman blew the whistle on this practice, his story went viral over social media.

Here’s how Pakistanis reacted about the alleged breach of privacy and lack of decency by the outlet in question:

The suspects, namely Rizwan and Fayyaz, tried to get their hands on the customer’s mobile phone to delete the evidence. According to reports, the cameras had been installed without the management’s consent.

But due to their negligence and ineffective control, four people – including the owner of the outlet, the manager, and the two suspected employees have been booked under the Pakistan Penal Code. Two employees have been arrested and the Police has not disclosed the names of the owner and the manager so far.

The outlet got sealed according to Madina Town’s superintendent. He added that the camera equipment used to record the videos, and a mobile phone had also been confiscated.

After interrogation, the suspects revealed that they started filming the changing rooms around three days ago before getting caught. They said that they only managed to record three videos but deleted them afterwards.

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