Exercise Can Improve Heart Health and Reverse Decades of Inactivity: Research


Research provides evidence for the benefits of aerobic exercise. Middle aged people with heart disease need only two years to reverse decades of inactivity. 

The thing you need to do? 5 days a week of regular aerobic exercise.

Aerobic Exercise

What is aerobic exercise? Simply put, it is any physically-stimulating activity that uses oxygen to produce energy in your body.

Aerobic exercises make the heart pump out oxygen-rich blood supply.

Some examples of aerobic exercises include:

  • running,
  • cycling,
  • swimming
  • going for a walk.

These practices are should be a very important part of our daily routines. In fact, researchers declare them ‘akin to brushing teeth’.

40% of Pakistan’s population suffers from various cardiovascular diseases (CVD) i.e. they have heart-related ailments. Most of these illnesses can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle.

The good news is that with regular aerobic exercise, even years of inactivity can be erased, leading to a healthy heart. 

Study on Aerobics

A recent study published in Circulation evaluated the role of aerobic exercise on heart health.

It involved two groups of participants:

  • one group practiced yoga and strength building,
  • the other group did aerobics.

Both these groups were forty-five to sixty-four years of age and had no history of exercise.

Over a period of two years, the aerobic group had the following results:

  • 18% improvement in oxygen intake
  • 25% improvement in the plasticity of heart muscles

These statistics suggest that aerobics might be the best treatment for heart disease. They could help lower medication costs and expensive treatments. Medical groups advise heart patients to take an active part in these exercises.

These results really drive home the point that there is no better alternative to a long-lasting and healthy life than good ol’ and regular exercise.

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