Core Workout: A 15-Minute Workout for Core Strength


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Whenever I want to get a serious abs workout, I always look for the high-intensity, high-rep kind of workout. I’m totally guilty of thinking more sweat = better workout… but does it? This 15-minute core workout proves how isolating your abdominal muscles and hip flexors with repeated holds can be just as effective to build and burn.

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Get your midsection used to the rounded-out, hollow position you will use in a series of four exercises. For each of the four moves, fire up your core with three increasingly difficult progressions using just your body weight. Work toward the different scaling options as you return to this workout and progress through the plan. The instructor explains how to do each move to ensure your lower back is protected, your breath is steady, and you perform the moves according to your comfort and flexibility level. Press play below to take on this serious core challenge.

Exercise Recap:

  1. Tuck Balance
  2. Tuck Extension
  3. Straight-Leg Hold
  4. Crunch Hold

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