CJP Takes Suo Moto Notice of Alleged Link of Zainab Case with Dark Web


After shocking revelation of a private TV channel show last night, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar, has taken suo moto notice of alleged link of Zainab’s case and other similar cases with the dark web.

For those who don’t know, dark web makes up most of the internet yet is not accessible for common netizans, since Google doesn’t index it.

Dr. Shahid Masood, a rather controversial anchor at News One, last night claimed that Imran, the perpetrator in Zainab’s case, is allegedly linked with a high-profile gang that sells violent and explicit content of children on the dark web.

Dr. Masood claimed that Imran Ali has at least 37 bank accounts that have international incoming transactions worth billions of rupees.

He said that Zainab and eight other similar cases are directly linked to the Dark Web, where violent explicit videos are streamed for hefty prices. Dr. Shahid Masood claimed that these innocent girls are ultimately murdered on the orders of psychopaths who pay in millions for such shows.

Dr. Shahid Masood has made the explosive claim that at least one Federal Minister and various political and non-political elite of the country are involved in these wrong-doings.

Chief Justice of Pakistan, Mr. Saqib Nisar, while taking the suo moto notice, has called Dr. Shahid Masood to the Supreme Court where a three member bench will hear the case.

While speaking with media personnel on the sidelines of the Supreme Court, where he has appeared for the case hearing, Shahid Masood said that he has proof that Imran Ali, the prime accused in Zainab case, was part of a bigger gang.

He further said that he can hand-over the proofs to the authorities and rest is in the hands of the investigation agencies.


Dr. Shahid Masood, after appearing in the Supreme Court, told the media that he has shared the details of at least 37 foreign currency bank accounts of Imran Ali with the judges.

He confirmed that these bank accounts were under the title of Imran Ali with his home address in the records.

Dr. Masood further revealed that one of the transactions in Imran’s accounts was worth more than 1.6 Million Euros.

He further revealed that he has shared one name of high-level political figure, who could be the head of the ring, with the bench.

Next hearing of the case is fixed for Monday with directions to Punjab Police to increase the security of Imran Ali.

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