Careem Faces Protests in Islamabad


Careem captains have turned up in huge numbers in the federal capital to record their protest against the ride-hailing service.

This is due to the fact that Careem is facing a severe backlash from its drivers against the new ‘guaranteed bonus’ policy introduced by the company.

The captains say that the new policy is completely intolerable and inhuman, mentioning that it will make earning bonus almost impossible.

The protest started at 10 am today in Islamabad.

Protest and Demands

Drivers from both Careem-operated cars and bikes are on the road to show their dissatisfaction against the company’s bonus policy change.

As per new policy, bike captains will have to complete 14 rides with minimum 80% acceptance rate and should be available for over 8 hours.

Policy for earning guaranteed was also changed for Careem Go, Go+ and Business category and no driver seemed satisfied with it.

The new policy was implemented on 25th December’ 2017.

Here is the updated policy that seems to have attracted the ire of Careem captains:

Updated Policy

Captains’ Demands

The captains have issued a list of demands that they want fulfilled before they can resume their work with Careem. They said that:

  • the updated bonus guarantee is not acceptable in any way.
  • the previous policy of Rs 200 bonus on 8 rides should be restored since the temperature in the city isn’t feasible for such long work hours.
  • The current policy of Rs 1600 bonus after 14 rides is impossible to get. Captains can’t find 14 rides on bikes and neither can’t they be found.
  • Careem should change the bonus guarantee as soon as possible and restore the previous policy.
  • Remaining payments and IDs of captains that have been blocked must be restored.

Helmet Policy Also Comes Under Fire

Another reason why bike captains are on protest is because Careem has made buying extra helmets mandatory for them.

This is because the Traffic police has implemented a new law according to which both driver and passenger have to wear helmets while riding bikes.

It is a good initiative however Careem is making bike captains buy helmets from select companies for extra money. According to captains, these helmets are available for Rs 500 in the market however Careem is charging over Rs 1000 for them.

Drivers also say that Careem has been blocking captains’ IDs, justifying it on the pretext of them producing unsatisfactory results. Captains say that more protests will follow countrywide if Careem doesn’t change its policy soon.


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