A Basic Introduction to the Dark Web and How to Access It


As shady as it sounds, Dark Web is an area of the internet which cannot be accessed directly and remains hidden beneath the web pages and social networks we browse.

The internet is a big place, much bigger than what we are able to see by simply visiting Facebook or looking up on Google – the content on the dark web remains hidden and cannot be searched through conventional search engines.

Dark Web

The content which only exists on personal encrypted networks or peer-to-peer configurations is called the Dark Web.

It can only be accessed using special software and decryption tools such as a Tor browser and most of the websites on the Dark Web contain fishy content which need that kind of encryption. These websites cannot be visited using search engines or traditional browsers as their address are encrypted and cannot be traced using conventional methods.

The Dark Web sites generally use the Tor encryption tool to mask their identities due to which they can keep their activities hidden. The tool basically functions just like a VPN and consistently randomizes the host’s location to a different country so its almost impossible to detect where the user is.

Tor-encrypted websites can easily be accessed using a Tor browser. It provides secrecy for both ends – the website and the visitor both. The IP addresses using the browser bounce constantly to random locations while getting concealed under several layers of encryption.

The websites can be visited by any user in any part of the world by simply inputting the address in their Tor browser, however, its difficult to spot the location or identity of the websites.

Depending on how actionable the Dark Web-based activity is, it can be extremely dangerous if the user’s identity gets revealed.

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